Brad Pitt denies that he has paid Angelina Jolie money for the care of their children in the last year and a half. According to Angelina Jolie, her husband has not paid “meaningful alimony” for the six children since the two have split up.


Pitt’s lawyer Lance Spiegel states in documents obtained by CNN that the actor lent $ 8 million (6.9 million euros) to Jolie for the purchase of her current home. In addition, he paid 1.3 million dollars in ‘bills’ for Jolie and the children since the couple broke up in 2016.

According to lawyer Spiegel, Jolie is “a clear tactic to manipulate and control the media”.


Pitt and Jolie separated in September 2016, but are still not divorced. The 43-year-old actress now finds the divorce case very long and decided Tuesday to go to court.

Advocate Samantha Bley DeJean said in a statement that paying alimony would be a problem for Pitt. Jolie and her lawyer propose to appear in court so that the financial matters can be discussed.