The singer-songwriter was approximately 24 years old when the alleged assaults occurred.

American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan has been accused of  sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl after giving her drugs and alcohol  in his New York apartment in 1965, according to a complaint filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court and  cited  by Page Six.

The complainant, a woman from Greenwich, Connecticut, who is now 68 years old and identified under the acronym JC, filed the lawsuit last Friday, a day before the period that had been opened in New York came to an end, under a law passed in the state in February 2019, to bring prescribed child sexual abuse charges.

The indictment notes that the 80-year-old legendary musician used his status to gain trust and befriend the girl as a way to “lower [the victim’s] inhibitions in order to sexually abuse her, with the help of drugs. , alcohol and threats of physical violence. “

The alleged abuse by the singer, registered at birth as Robert Allen Zimmerman, occurred on numerous occasions, some of them in the apartment he had in the famous Chelsea Hotel, the complainant alleges, which has led her to suffer  consequences to this day today , such as  depression and anxiety that do not allow you to perform normal activities , according to the lawsuit.

Dylan was approximately 24 years old when the alleged assaults occurred, which according to newspapers took place  over a six-week period between April and May 1965 .

The musician’s representative maintains that the complaints are false. “These accusations 56 years old are not true and are vehemently defended , ”  said  the artist ‘s lawyer, Larry Jenkins to NY Daily News.

For his part, JC’s lawyer, Daniel Isaacs, pointed out that “the complaint speaks for itself”, highlighting the presence of “detailed information about the time in question that leaves no doubt that he was with him in the apartment during the time in question “and noted that he was able to verify those details with the” best available research. “

He also noted that his client has no plans to go public at this time and declined to comment on why the victim was filing the charges after so many years.