The woes continue for model and reality star Blac Chyna ! Last week, there were many rumors of possible mistreatment of Dream , the little girl she had with her ex-mate Rob Kardashian. Assumptions triggered by an anonymous call saying she was drunk and neglecting her baby, quickly denied by the police and then her lawyer, before she published a long message on her Instagram account .

TMZ tells us today that the police were called and had to intervene on the scene of his vacation, this time for a much more serious and serious reason. The 30-year-old was in fact violently muddled with her companion, rapper Kid Buu, an argument that even led to a violent fight if one believes the sources of the American media. 

The incident allegedly occurred after Chyna accused the New Jersey-born rapper of deceiving her, not hesitating to scratch him several times. In response, Kid Buu would have repeatedly pushed her violently against a wall by grabbing her throat before leaving the room. After the arrival of the police and doctors, neither Blac Chyna nor Kid Buu had to be transported to the hospital but they had some after-effects from their fight. The latter, however, left the premises as soon as he was authorized.

Information that falls badly while Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian argue over media their little daughter , which everyone feels should keep because of the behavior of the other. It is possible that after this incident, which is not the first for the young woman, justice can soon be seized by the half-brother of Kylie and Kendall Jenner.