Bill Gates completely sank through the ice when Ellen DeGeneres subjected him to a shopping test in her talk show. The multi-billionaire had to guess the price of five items from the supermarket and had no idea what they paid for it. 


It was the first time that Gates was a guest at Ellen and the co-founder of Microsoft was good at it.

He had taken his 21-year-old daughter with him and told him about the period that he himself was in his twenties and the youngest billionaire in the world. “Actually, I was never really interested in the money, I particularly enjoyed working with software, and I felt responsible for the older workers who had families, and I was particularly concerned about whether I could pay at the end of the month. ”

Gates confessed that he has let himself go twice in the field of luxury.

Porsche and private jet

“I bought a Porsche and a private jet, which were my most extravagant expenses, and I have always remained fairly conservative, which I needed especially because I had to travel a lot.”

In addition to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the billionaire is mainly concerned with ‘fun things’. Earlier this week it became known that Bill will play a guest role in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, in which he appears as himself.