After his conviction was overturned by a Pennsylvania judge, the actor’s lawyers have approached a California judge in relation to a rape that Cosby would have perpetrated in 1974, when the victim was 15 years old.

American comedian and actor Bill Cosby is in trouble with the law again over a sexual assault case a few weeks after being released from jail. For the first time since June, when he was released from a Pennsylvania prison, his attorneys, Jennifer Bonjean and Michael Freedman, have approached a Los Angeles Superior Court judge regarding the Judy Huth case, which accuses the actor. of having raped her decades ago, when she was a minor.

Huth alleges that Bill Cosby abused her in 1974, when she was only 15 years old, at the Playboy Mansion in Chicago (owned by Hugh Hefner, founder of the magazine ‘Playboy’), and this Friday he presented a formal police report in Los Angeles.

The Huth case was originally filed in 2014, but has been on hold for years. Cosby was forced to testify but declined to answer questions. The litigation was halted due to Cosby’s criminal troubles, but now the comedian is free, in theory at least, to testify in civil cases after his conviction for assaulting another woman, Andrea Constand, has been overturned by the court over high of Pennsylvania.

The parties appeared before California Judge Craig D. Karlan to discuss a number of important legal issues in the case, including whether Cosby will be required to testify a second time.

According to a press release issued by the actor’s lawyers and posted on his Instagram account , “in the words of the Chief Justice of Pennsylvania, Max Baer, ​​’Mr. Cosby was the victim of a reprehensible deception.” The statement also states that the decisions of an overzealous judge and prosecutor caused Cosby “great suffering with an unjust conviction and imprisonment of two years and ten months.” As a result, the American comedian “legitimately fears that in this environment he could be the target of any number of malicious prosecutions” no matter how old or implausible, they are automatically viewed as true. “