In brief words from the White House, after returning from the weekend in Delaware, US President Joe Biden stressed to reporters Monday night Tuesday that his country’s recognition of the Taliban movement that took control of Afghanistan is still far away.

He added ahead of an expected trip, today, Tuesday, to the states of New York and New Jersey to inspect the devastation caused by Hurricane Ida, which swept the region last week, and there is still a long way to recognize the Taliban, which tightened its grip on the entire country, after the fall of the state of Panjshir in the east on Monday.

Eye the world on the actions of the Taliban

This comes as Biden faces several criticisms locally and internationally due to the chaotic withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan after 20 years of entering the country, to combat terrorism.

Washington and other international capitals have repeatedly stressed in the past that the recognition of the Taliban and its government, which is expected to be announced in the next few days, depends on its actions.

It is noteworthy that many Afghans, as well as the West, who experienced the rule of the extremist movement in the 1990s, fear that the Taliban will resort to suppressing freedoms, disrespecting human rights and striking the gains achieved by Afghan women during the past two decades, as well as the possibility of the country turning again into a haven for terrorism.

Last week, the United States stressed the need for the country not to return as a haven for terrorist groups, as well as the formation of an “inclusive” government. “We hope that any government that is formed will have a truly inclusive capacity and include non-Taliban parties, representing the various groups and interests in the country,” US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said last Friday.

He also stressed at the time that this government’s “actions” and “politics” are as “important” as how it was formed!