US President Joe Biden said that all American citizens will be able to obtain a vaccine against the Corona virus, only by the end of next July.

Biden added, in a speech during a public meeting Tuesday evening in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: “By the end of July, we will have more than 600 million doses of vaccines. This amount is sufficient to vaccinate all Americans.”

Biden noted that, in his first weeks as president, there was a significant increase in vaccine production.

He said, “By the end of May, we will have 400 million doses of the vaccine, and by the end of July – 600 million doses.”

The US President also praised the successes achieved in developing the vaccination infrastructure.

Biden continued, saying that after taking office, he managed to achieve a significant increase in the number of people carrying out vaccinations. He added, “I have issued a decree, allowing retired doctors and nurses to participate in this work, and we have attracted about 1,000 military personnel to participate in it, and we have pushed the National Guard to participate in this work, and thus this number increased significantly. In addition, we expanded the number of sites.” Vaccination significantly. “