Beyoncé (40) is going to re-record the song ‘Heated’ from her new album ‘Renaissance’, British broadcaster BBC writes. The song caused the American singer a lot of criticism, because it contains the term ‘spaz’ twice, which according to advocates of people with disabilities is derogatory.

The term is sometimes used to humiliate people who have cerebral palsy with spasticity, the broadcaster writes.

A spokesperson for the singer said after the criticism that the word “was not intentionally used in a harmful way”. He also reported that the word “will be replaced in the text.”

Among others, the charity Scope, which is committed to acceptance of people with disabilities, asked Beyoncé to re-record the song. “Words are important because they reinforce the negative attitudes that people with disabilities face on a daily basis,” media executive Warren Kirwan said earlier.

The same word also caused a stir a few weeks ago: the American singer Lizzo then apologized for using it in the song ‘GRRRLS’. She understood ‘the power that words can have’, in her case ‘unintentionally’. She also re-released the song without the term.