A portion of good news, which we all lack now. Only recently have rumors been confirmed that 47-year-old Ben Affleck is dating a young, 31-year-old actress who has high expectations – Ana de Armas. Paparazzi found lovers during a romantic holiday on the beach of Costa Rica. They embraced sweetly, took joint selfies and walked along the coast, holding hands.

And today, Ana’s commentary got on the net. The actress first spoke about the relationship with Ben Affleck in an interview for Vogue and told where and how they met. As expected, the lovers met on the set (Ana and Ben starred together in the film Deep Water, the premiere of which is scheduled for autumn 2020).

“When we first rehearsed together, I realized that Ben was going to do something exceptional with his very complex role. Ben’s character is the plot engine; tragedy and irony, realism and some kind of absurd comedy merged in it. Ben not only knows how to show this, but also manages to surprise the viewer in every frame. His talent is unlimited, ”shared her admiration for her beloved Ana. How cute!