The actor is looking to invest in a ‘paradise island’ so that he and Ana can live their love story.

Is Ben Affleck buying Ana de Armas a private island? Yes. At least that is what ensures the new issue of Heat magazine.

The tabloid claims that the actor is looking to invest in a ‘paradise island’ for him and Ana to escape from time to time.

The source points out that Affleck plans to build a house on the island to be his refuge with the actress, now that they think about making their relationship more serious.

“He had his people contact real estate agents at various locations and sent him their most luxurious options,” adds the source. “There is nothing he would not do for the woman he loves.”

The magazine does not reveal where these islands of Affleck’s interest are, but ensures that Ana de Armas is very happy with the course of her relationship with the actor.