Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were finally able to get the long-awaited divorce, with which they pulled for almost three years. Many were convinced that the couple would still be able to improve relations, but it turns out that the whole thing was only about the custody of the three children. Now, according to the court order, the actor will be able to see them only under the supervision of the former spouse.

It is reported that Ben and Jennifer reached a custody agreement in August, but only now they were able to resolve all remaining legal issues. The main reason in the judge’s decision was Affleck’s alcohol dependence, which he does not hide and acknowledges. The actor recently re-passed a rehabilitation course and wants to return to a normal lifestyle. However, Affleck’s habits do not give rest to Garner, she does not want the children to be with her father for a long time without her supervision. In doing so, they will together agree on all the important decisions concerning Violet, Seraphina and Samuel. Perhaps after some time, when Ben can overcome all the internal demons, Jennifer will go to mitigate the conditions – especially since recently, after undergoing a 40-day course of treatment in rehab, Ben looks much better: