Netflix presented the debut trailer for its new action-packed action movie, which brought together a whole team of the best actors in Hollywood. An impossible mission, chases and gunfights, explosions and falls from a height, as well as Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal, Charlie Hannam and Garrett Hedlund in one frame, all this is the “Triple Frontier”.

The plot of the film tells about drug trafficking in the triple frontier zone between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. The main forces of terrorists and drug barons are concentrated in this place, over which the government has no power. Five longtime friends join together to go to the most dangerous zone on the continent and end organized crime once and for all. They act alone without the support of the authorities, and they have only one chance.

The development of the film has been conducted since 2010. Stars such as Tom Hanks, Channing Tatum, Tom Hardy and Will Smith were attracted to the project. Initially, the thriller was supposed to be engaged in Catherine Bigelow (“On the crest of a wave”), but she left the project, and later the rights to the tape were bought by the Netflix streaming platform. The director’s post was taken by J.C. Chandor, responsible for the “most brutal year.” Together with Mark Boal (“The Lord of the Storm”), he wrote the final script of the film, which will premiere in March next year.