This September, the former Disney star presented her directorial debut entitled “Her and Him” at the Oldenburg Film Festival in Germany. Bella Thorne made the film with the support of Pornhub, and the same company will award her a special award at their second annual show.

Vice President Corey Price praised the actress’s project and praised her creativity and innovative approach. Here’s how he described her adult film:

This is a modernist, sexy image of modern Romeo and Juliet – two unhappy lovers who are unbridledly attracted to each other.

For the work done, Thorne will receive the Vision Award at the Pornhub show in early October. Bella responded to the news and thanked the organizers for such an honor. The star was glad that her tape was recognized as an excellent visionary art, because she herself did not consider adult films as something shameful.

If you think porn is something inappropriate and uncomfortable for you, I’m sorry, but don’t make other people feel guilty about what they like,

– the actress addressed the audience.