Gigi (24) and Bella (22) Hadid had to say goodbye to their grandmother today. The sisters share photos of the impressive sea of ​​flowers on Instagram.

Bella, Gigi and their niece Joann van den Herik stand still at the death of their grandmother. There is a huge mountain of beautiful flowers on the chest. Countless pink butterflies adorn the white flowers.

The grandmother of the models died last weekend at the age of 78. It is the mother of their mother Yolanda Hadid (55). During the farewell, Bella wore her grandmother’s necklace.

“OUR QUEEN ANGEL fought cancer six times in her life with courage, strength, and grace while being the greatest mother and grandmother,” Gigi, 24, posted this on Instagram saying. “She is an honorable guide we will carry with us forever. We love you more than words, our beautiful wonderful Oma.”