A very first edition for Marvel fans!

Avengers Infinity War is one of the most anticipated movies by Marvel aficionados. It must be said that this blockbuster will be the occasion of a huge super-heroic meeting during which our heroes will face the terrible Thanos. And who says Marvel fans says geeks and possible fans of the firm OnePlus. A Chinese manufacturer that makes users happy with powerful smartphones and less expensive than the competition whose OnePlus 6 is highly anticipated. A OnePlus 6 which will be equipped with a limited edition stamped Avengers Infinity War according to the firm itself!

A first variation for the OnePlus 6

This is not the first time a OnePlus stamped phone is entitled to a limited edition. The OnePlus 5T had its version Star Wars 8 – property of Disney, also holder of the rights of Marvel in the cinema. Suffice to say that a OnePlus 6 in the colors of Avengers 6 Infinity War is not surprising. And while its release was just another rumor on the web, it was finally confirmed by the Chinese firm itself – relayed by Android Central.

The collaboration between OnePlus and Marvel Studio is a result of the love and support received from our fan communities for years. Our goal is to go even further by proposing technological innovations to create the best possible experiences.

Suffice to say that with this new edition, many future users of the OnePlus 6 should have a smartphone (almost) unique since it will be limited. Others will still benefit from what promises to be one of the best models on the market. We are talking here about powerful technical characteristics, increased resistance to water, even more advanced software optimization with a high speed. Note that the Avengers Infinity War edition will first be proposed for the Indian market and nothing has been communicated to other potential countries. Deadline says that this version could then land in England. As a reminder, the OnePlus 6 will be presented on May 5 at a Chinese event.