The Italian actress Asia Argento tells Rose McGowan to sue when McGowan does not immediately take back the statements she recently made about Argento in a letter. 


McGowan stated in the letter, among other things, that Argento, who is accused of sexual abuse, should act as she would have liked Harvey Weinstein to do.

“Dear Rose”, wrote Argento Monday on Twitter. “With sincere regret, I hereby inform you that you have 24 hours to withdraw the statements and the horrible lies you have expressed in your declaration of August 27. If you do not meet them, I see no other option than take legal action. ”


McGowan responded with her statement to the allegations at the address of Argento. The two actresses became friends because they both played an active role in the # metoo-movement, but the friendship got a dent because of accusations at the address of Argento by 22-year-old actor Jimmy Bennett.

McGowan wrote that she has nothing to do with the possible abuse of Argento. “I am not complicit because we are friends.”

McGowan also said that she is sad about losing a friendship, but that this is in vain when compared to Bennett’s situation.

“You were my girlfriend and I loved you”, McGowan concluded the letter. “You have put a lot on the line for the # metoo-movement, be the person you would like Harvey Weinstein to have been.”