Clouds are gathering over Ashton Kutcher, and he continues to have fun as if nothing had happened.

Celebrity and his current wife Mila Kunis recently attended a baseball game in Los Angeles. As you know, they are big fans of sports and cheer for the Los Angeles Dodges team. So this time they were seen in the stands, and Mila appeared dressed in a blue T-shirt with the logo of her favorite team.

The couple had a good time watching the match and talking with friends – tennis players Ilana Kloss and Billy Jean King. By the way the 41-year-old Kutcher looked, it did not seem that he was tormented by torment of conscience. And he has something to think about: his ex-wife Demi Moore is about to present his memoir Inside Out, and judging by the fragments that have leaked into the network, Ashton will get it.

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It is already known that in the memoirs, Demi Moore will tell in detail about the married life with him, without hiding the details of his many betrayals that followed, when she turned away. She admits that in an attempt to keep her husband, she allowed another girl into their bed, although she herself was sickened by the thought of three-way sex. Later this became the cause of disagreement, because the young spouse decided that now he can do anything if she once decided to actually allow him to cheat.

After some time, he seduced another girl at a friend’s party, and she spoke about it publicly, which for Demi Moore was a cruel blow, from which she could not recover. True, there is hope that, having poured out her suffering on paper, she will feel better.