Supermodel and activist of the body movement Ashley Graham will now try his hand at the leading show. Today the star launched its own video podcast Pretty Big Deal, which you can watch in iTunes. The newly-minted host plans to release a new episode every week, and the first guest of Graham was Kim Kardashian.

In the title of the show, the celebrity won a characterization that was often rewarded by others.

And when I was a teenager, and in my professional work I often heard in my address: “And you are pretty, though full” (Pretty for a big girl). I began to think about the power of words … And I thought: “I’m cute, I’m big, I’m an event!

– Ashley shared.

The heroine of the first episode of the new Internet show was Kim Kardashian. With her, Graham discussed motherhood, family life and problems faced by a public person. The reality show star also shared the news with its subscribers and published a photo from the filming in her story.

It is already known that in the next issues guests of Graham will be Gabriel Union, Lindsay Vaughn and Amy Schumer. After each broadcast, the audience will have the opportunity to leave a voice message with questions for Ashley and her guests, the answers to which will be included in the next episode in a week.

Ashley, who recently took part as a model in the Dolce & Gabbana show as part of the Milan Fashion Week, is full of enthusiasm and seems ready to give maximum strength to her new project.

I’m lucky that I can conduct interesting and thoughtful discussions with amazing people who change our world and whom I admire. I started this podcast so that as many people as possible could join us, take part in our discussions and discuss issues of concern to really important people,
“the model said.