The model decided to become the one whom she herself lacked in her youth – a person who can speak openly about the body and its natural processes.

Ashley Graham, 33, is known as a plus-size model who promotes body positivity and regularly shares “honest” photos of her body with her subscribers. After pregnancy and childbirth, Ashley did not hesitate to show the public how her skin and figure had changed, and urged fans to accept all their external features and imperfections.

However, in a new interview with WSJ, Graham admitted that she hates constantly talking about her body. “I myself do not like to constantly discuss my own body. I don’t know a single man who would do the same, ”the model said in a conversation.

And yet there is a reason Ashley continues to be frank with her audience: “When I was young, there were no people who could talk openly about the body. Therefore, I do it, and this is the main thing that motivates me. For this reason, I don’t post ‘perfect’ photos on Instagram – I keep them real and natural. I want people to know that there are women with cellulite, fat on the back, stretch marks … There are many curvy women, plus-size women, overweight women – call them whatever you want, ”Graham shared.

In 2016, Graham became the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. A year later, she became the first full model on the cover of Vogue magazine, and in 2018, the first curvy model of her generation to receive a major cosmetic contract with the Revlon brand.

“Everything I do, I do with the goal of changing the industry forever. The moment must come when fashion, television, cinema – everything will change. Why else use your opportunities, if not talk about things that worry you? How else can you contribute to these changes? ” – noted Graham.