Suspicious rapper ASAP Rocky must be detained in Stockholm for two weeks, BBC Newsbeat reports .

It was announced on Thursday that public prosecutors in Sweden wanted the American rapper to be detained for at least two more weeks while investigating the abuse. The authorities have now confirmed this.

The artist would act as the lead act at the British Wireless Festival next Sunday.

Thirty-year-old ASAP Rocky performed in Stockholm on Tuesday evening and was subsequently harassed by two boys along with his entourage on the street. The artist himself shared images of this on Instagram.

It shows how one of the boys takes their own headphones and breaks them just outside the screen. The rapper, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, and his team claim that this happened on the head of the bodyguard.

Images in the hands of TMZ show how Mayers first tries to mediate and tells the boys that he does not want to fight or end up in prison.

Bodyguard accused of vandalizing headphones

The boys, however, continue to accuse the bodyguard of destroying the headphones. Outside the screen you can hear how a few girls claim to have been harassed by the two boys.

In a later recorded video, the rapper swings one of the boys through the street, after which a group, including Mayers, hits and kicks the boy.

TMZ reported Thursday that the rapper’s bodyguard has since been released for lack of evidence.