The Hollywood actor suggested that the next show would be on Muscle Beach.

The Oscar awards ceremony this year has become an unobtrusive event and received the lowest ratings in its history. The show was watched only by 10.4 million people – it turned out that the number of viewers decreased by half compared to last year.

And why this happened, explained the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger, who watched only one third of the event.

“I just turned it off. I couldn’t watch it anymore because there were so many talents on stage, but it was too boring. How could they, with all these talents, make him so boring? ” – the actor in the Jimmy Kimmel show was surprised.

The host asked Schwarzenegger if he had any ideas on how to make the show better. And Arnold jokingly suggested that next time, perhaps the organizers should hold an Academy Awards at Muscle Beach.

Let us remind you that since 1930, gymnasts, circus performers and weightlifters have been performing at this site in Santa Monica, California, whose name literally translates as “Muscle Beach”. And at present, representatives of various yoga schools have mainly settled in a picturesque place on the Pacific coast.