Ariana Grande has apparently still not recovered from the attack in 2017 in Manchester, on the sidelines of one of his concerts. The star, who put her career in brackets before returning with the No Tears Left To Cry cardboard , released in April 2018, had confessed to suffering post-traumatic stress . In a post on Instagram Stories, the diva shared a photo where she shows the impact that the attack had on her brain.

“Hilarious and terrifying at the same time,” she wrote in a photo caption where you can see a brain scanner “healthy” next to her brain, suffering from post-traumatic stress.

Overcoming his fear

Ariana Grande will return to Manchester next August for Pride , which she will be a headliners. A concert, as part of his tour that will allow him to return for the first time in the British city, since the show One Love , organized less than two weeks after the attack, to raise funds for families of victims.

Last February, the star announced on Twitter that she was “looking forward” to meet her Manchester fans.