Ariana Grande shocked the news that she was going to get married

Young singer Ariana Grande, who quickly broke into the rating of the most popular American artists, recently announced the news of her wedding. Ariana Grande and actor Pete Davidson got engaged after a few months of the relationship.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Ariana Grande admitted that they are not going to postpone the wedding. They are already planning a celebration with their beloved, which is to be held in 2019.

We will not hurry and everything is planned as planned. It’s so interesting! I work very hard and have never spent so much time and energy planning anything for myself.

Ariana Grande added that she feels for Pete Davidson. The actress admitted that he was the perfect guy for her, in which she sees her husband:

You just feel that this is your man. He is all right for me, and every day it only gets better. I am very grateful that I have it.