Ariana Grande was supposed to be the main star of the upcoming Grammy Awards: the singer, claiming an award in one of the main categories, Best Solo Pop, was going to sing two songs at the evening. However, due to a conflict with producers, Grande refused to attend the ceremony.

The fact is that the singer planned to sing a new song 7 Rings from the beginning to the end, but she was allowed to perform only a fragment. And she was not even allowed to choose the second song, leaving the final decision to the discretion of the organizers. Such behavior offended the pop princess, and she hurried to terminate all early agreements with the producers of Grammy.

It is noteworthy that the image of Ariana Grande is present on all posters advertising the ceremony, and thus misleading the audience. The organizers will have to urgently look for a new headliner of the show, and it is very likely that Lady Gaga will come to replace Grande. She has already confirmed that, together with Mark Ronson, she will sing her famous Shallow, nominated for an Oscar as the Best Song.

By the way, this is not the first scandal associated with the new single Grande 7 Rings. Recently, the singer has made a tattoo, stuffing the name of the song on her palm in Japanese. But an error crept into the inscription, and instead of the “seven rings” on the girl’s hand, hieroglyphs meaning “tiny grill” now flaunt.