Singer Ariana Grande has made a big hit on Twitter on Wednesday with the criticism she received after she was announced to perform at the Pride Festival in Manchester in August. Because of this announcement, ticket prices have doubled and critics speak of “exploiting the LGBT community”.

On Twitter, for example, a message was rewarded with 61 thousand ‘likes’ which said: “Ariana promotes the festival, while it is hetero (as far as we know) and the prices are doubled, which smells like exploitation of the LGBT community.”

In a subsequent long message on Twitter, the 25-year-old American singer said she understood the concerns of her critics, but had nothing to do with the ticket prices of the concert. She also does not want to profile herself as “the hero of the LGBTQ community”, but only gives them a “special feeling”.

Manchester Pride is a lhbt festival which is held annually in the summer. The next edition is planned from Friday, August 23 until Monday, August 26.