Ariana Grande has asked her fans through social media to treat her ex-fiancee, Pete Davidson, nicer. The comedian wrote earlier that he is very bothered.

“I try to understand why the whole world turns against someone when something happens, even if they do not know how the situation works”, Davidson wrote on Instagram. Through the same medium the singer now reacts encouragingly in an Insta Story, copying the words of her ex and putting her own text next to it.

“I care a lot about Pete and his health and ask you to do nicer to people, also online”, says Grande, who emphasizes that her fans can not know what someone is going through based on what that person places on social media.


“I will always love him and if you think differently from my recent work, you may have missed the point of my music,” said Grande, who recently released the song  Thank you, next , in which she sings about the lessons that she learned from her exes.



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