Ariana Grande and her fiancĂ©e Pete Davidson are planning to do less with social media in the near future. The comedian got his Instagram completely empty and the singer says she wants to place less.


The decision of the two follows briefly on a quarrel between Davidson and a number of Grande fans on social media. The comedian placed the message “What a sweetheart” under a photo of the singer and her deceased grandfather, after which fans thought he meant Grande. They found the reaction strange, given the heavy message behind the photo.

Davidson assured the fans that his reaction to Grande’s grandfather and that he meant it positively, but also immediately said that he thought it ridiculous that people would assume such things.


The comedian has cleaned his entire Instagram and reports in an Instagram Story that the internet is a “bad place” and that he does not feel good about it. “But I love you all and think I’ll be back soon.”

Grande says in a comment on a fan on Twitter that she plans to make more use of Snapchat for the time being and less of Twitter and Instagram.