What strengthen the health aspect of its famous Apple Watch.

Apple has never hidden its focus on connected health. Google even takes a similar path with its future Google Coach, revealed by Bloomberg. But today, it is indeed the first city that interests us based on information identified by CNBC. It seems that the Cupertino company has simply filed an announcement about recruitment in the development of a chip oriented on the health side. Information that goes with Apple’s current goals and one of the strengths of its Apple Watch.

And if the Apple Watch was even better on the health side?

In any case, it is a good promise that this announcement spotted by CNBC. The recruitment of employees ready to work on a new Apple chip dedicated to health. What can strengthen the performance of the Apple Watch, already turned to this area. In the past, many news stories have told patients of an irregular heartbeat thanks to Apple’s connected watch. In other words, the product of the Cupertino company is already achieving great feats – which could be strengthened.

With this chip made in Apple, we can easily imagine results of greater precision to support the user in his approach to health through sports, food … All thanks to personal information collected over time.

The team is still looking for the creation of this chip, no need to see it land for the next generation of connected watches from Apple. It will probably be necessary to wait until 2019 to see 2020 to have this technology on the wrist – if the project is completed.