The connected watch of the Cupertino firm will have convinced for this second quarter.

If there is a market on which Apple is the undisputed master, it is the one of the connected watch. A market in which the Cupertino company has been number one for many years despite the efforts of its competitors. This position, the US giant has strengthened through the second quarter of this year according to the latest analysis of Canalys. And for good reason: the Apple Watch has again experienced millions of models sold and a great progression.

The Apple Watch remains the favorite connected watch

This is probably its sober design, its lower price than other Apple products or its OS that have made the Apple Watch a must watch connected. According to Canalys, the latter still arouses the craze of buyers for the second quarter of 2018. The Apple Watch has increased by 30% compared to a year ago and 3.5 million models sold! Among the popular models, we find in particular that under 4G – allowing to connect to the internet without going through an iPhone. A plus for a connected watch and a service only offered by Orange in France. On the side of the Asian market, the Apple Watchable to connect in 4G was also a success, still according to Canalyse.

With a new model to come for the start of the season, along with three new iPhone (one with LCD screen, the other two with OLED tiles), the Cupertino company is expected to gain further ground in the connected watch market. It remains to be seen what new features and functions will be proposed to convince buyers still resistant to the idea of a high-tech watch.