Two weeks before the press conference where he was to unveil his new iPhone, Apple saw two of his iPhone and his new Apple Watch leaked in the press.

Apple had just sent out invitations to its big conference on September 12th. The same day, in the evening, some of his flagship ads have already leaked in the press. The 9to5Mac site has obtained images of two of the new iPhone expected, as well as the next version of the Apple Watch.

On the iPhone side, leaks are broadly in line with analysts’ expectations. “The iPhone XS” – its temporary nickname – would come in two sizes, 5.8 inches (14.7 centimeters diagonally) and 6.5 inches (16.5 centimeters diagonally), which would make them the biggest phones the company has ever marketed. Both would have an Oled screen, thus meeting the standards used by competitors like Samsung and Huawei. Other technical specifications are not mentioned. The design would be substantially similar to that of the 2017 iPhone X, but both devices would be available in gilded color, in addition to black and white.

An Apple Watch with a fuller display

It is on the Apple Watch , the connected watch of the brand, that the coming announcements attract more attention. The Apple Watch Series 4 would have a screen without borders, 15% larger than the Series 3. This surface would be taken advantage of with a much more complex display, containing up to eight additional information around and inside the dial. The design of the watch would be slightly refined, without major changes, and the gadget would be compatible with existing bracelets. A small hole between the two side buttons would signal the possible addition of an additional microphone.

These leaks, if they reveal some of the devices that will be shown on September 12, do not necessarily summarize all ads. Observers are still waiting for a third iPhone – nicknamed the iPhone 9 – cheaper than the rest of the range, and neither the existence nor the specifications are confirmed for the moment. Apple is also expected to formalize the launch of its AirPower induction charger, which was announced last year and has not yet been placed on the market.