Another biographical film about Celine Dion is in preparation. It will be shot in English and directed by a Quebecker.

Entitled Celine Before Celine , the film shot in English will be directed by Quebec’s Marc-André Lavoie and retraces the rise of the singer’s career to become an international music star.

The shoot is scheduled for 2020 and has the approval of the Dion family, according to the Hollywood Reporter, who revealed the news. The singer’s nephew, Jimmy Dion, was hired as a screenwriter and the one Quebeckers affectionately call “Maman Dion” would have agreed to share the family archives that tell the story of Celine’s childhood in Charlemagne.

If the performer of the hit My Heart Will Go On has long lent his voice to film soundtracks, it seems that it is now his life that interests the artisans of the big screen.

Last month, Variety announced that the French studio Gaumont is working on a fiction to honor Celine Dion under the title The Power of Love. The film’s release is scheduled for 2020.

According to the synopsis, the feature film will tell the story of a young Quebec singer of modest origins who climbs the ladder to international stardom and who will be shaken by the death of the love of her life, the one who helped her build her career.

In 2008, the CBC network broadcast a biographical film telling the artist’s debut and his love affair with his manager René Angélil. When the two met, Céline Dion was 13 years old and René Angélil was three times her age. Their relationship later turned into a love story when the singer reached adulthood. The couple was married for more than two decades until the death of Mr. Angélil in 2016.