Anna wintour and Kim Kardashian

Today, everyone on the network is discussing a new joint photo of Kim Kardashian and Anna Wintour, which appeared on Instagram* of American Vogue.

And not just a photo, but Wintour’s first official selfie – the legendary editor-in-chief of Vogue has repeatedly expressed her contempt for this format.

During an interview for the “73 questions with …” column for her magazine, Anna refused to take a selfie and said:

I have never taken a selfie and don’t plan to start now.

In 2015, Wintour even forbade taking selfies during the official part of the Met Gala (however, not all celebrities heeded the ban – by the way, Kim Kardashian was among the violators).


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The photo is noteworthy not only because the editor-in-chief of Vogue violated her own principles – in the picture Anna also smiles broadly, which is also rarely seen.

However, not all subscribers of the fashion magazine account were delighted with this “premiere”. Many criticized Wintour for being so supportive of Kim, whom she disliked for many years (the magazine also featured Kim’s new skin care products).

I thought Anna didn’t take selfies

— posted by user @zhengtonny.

Oh Anna, I expected more from you

— posted by user @abiwarden.

Stop this madness

— user @suziqusi asked.

Isn’t her [Kim’s] skin care plastic surgery?

— the user favoredson777 was surprised.

I wonder whose historic dress she’ll destroy next

asked user @bobbyswickedstitches, referring to the recent scandal with damage to Marilyn Monroe ‘s dress worn by Kim.

You should be ashamed to praise this destroyer of fashion history,

user luciogjr agreed.

That’s why now great artists only go to British Vogue

— user @sandalwoodii stated.

Kim Kardashian also posted a photo on her Instagram* highlighting the resemblance of her new hairdo to Anna’s iconic haircut that she hasn’t changed in decades.


she wrote.

Kardashian subscribers took the photo with great enthusiasm and did not stint on likes and hearts in the comments.



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Kim first appeared in Vogue in 2014 – the cover was dedicated to her wedding to Kanye West . A few years before, insiders assured that “while Anna Wintour is at the helm, you will not see Kim in Vogue.”