Angelina Jolie was appointed Special UN Goodwill Ambassador in 2012. Since then, the actress regularly meets with refugees and officials. And the last two days Jolie spent in Venezuela, where she met with migrants, as well as the President of Colombia, Ivan Duque.

As part of her visit to Venezuela, a celebrity visited a refugee camp in the city of Rioja, which is located on the border between Colombia and Venezuela, where she assessed the situation and spoke with the inhabitants of the camp.

At the meeting with Ivan Duque, the actress reminded her interlocutor that due to the rupture of diplomatic relations between Venezuela and Colombia “more than 20,000 children were left without citizenship” and called on the Colombian leader to help resolve this situation.

We agreed on the need for the international community to support Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, who bear the brunt of this crisis,

– Jolie said during a press conference that took place after her meeting with Duque.