Given the constant employment, and now also quarantine, Angelina Jolie rarely gets into the lenses of photographers and, accordingly, rarely pleases us with her pictures. However, sometimes, though very rarely, the star still makes exceptions and shares with fans a piece of her private life. So, for example, the other day, the actress shared with her British Harper`s Bazaar several of her photos taken by her 11-year-old son Knox. On them, Jolie poses with virtually no makeup, in a light summer dress-tunic and barefoot – the perfect look for a hot day on your own site. 

In an interview with the publication, Angie talked about how they spend their days with children in the current circumstances. 

“Like all parents, I try to stay calm. so as not to disturb the children – they have so many reasons for worries. I give them all my energy. During the quarantine, the rabbit Vivien died, and we took two small rabbits with disabilities from the shelter – they must live in pairs. They are so gentle, and we are completely focused on taking care of them. And also for dogs, a snake and a lizard, ”the actress admitted.

TORONTO, ON – SEPTEMBER 10: Angelina Jolie with her children arrive to the “The Breadwinner” premiere – 2017 TIFF – Premieres, Photo Calls and Press Conferences held on September 10, 2017 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Michael Tran/Getty Images)

The star also actively followed the protests against racism that erupted after the murder of George Floyd . “A state system that protects me, but is unable to protect my daughter or any other child, man or woman because of their skin color, is unacceptable,” Jolie said.