Angelina Jolie continues to travel the world with charitable missions as a UN envoy for refugees. A few days ago, a Hollywood star set off on a three-day trip to Peru, where she visited a Venezuelan refugee camp.

The reason for the new humanitarian trip Jolie was the massive resettlement of Venezuelans in Peru because of the difficult economic situation in his native country. After visiting the city of Tumbes, where nuns fed the needy in the former monastery building, Angelina held a press conference with Peru’s President Martin Viscarra.

“Every Venezuelan I spoke to is in a difficult situation. People die due to lack of medication, they cannot continue treatment, diabetics do not have access to insulin, children do not have enough antibiotics. I heard stories about starving people, violence and persecution. These people do not ask for alms, they just want to be able to help themselves, ”says the actress.