Angelina Jolie in tears at conference over domestic violence

Actress Angelina Jolie (46) and her daughter made a strong statement against domestic violence at a congress in Washington DC. The actress spoke there on behalf of the organization Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act, where she gave a voice to the people who suffer from abuse.

“I want recognition for the children who are currently fearing for their lives”
Angelina shares a photo on Instagram with her 17-year-old daughter Zahara before her speech. Then we see the two reading a text, presumably that of the speech. ‘On to the Senate introduction of Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act. I am honored to be present at this event,” she wrote. “I’m so glad I got to do this with her. Her presence gives me calmness’, she refers to her daughter.


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Angelina was one of the speakers at the conference to urge people to take domestic violence seriously. “Standing here in the most important building in our country, I can only think of everyone who feels powerless because of domestic violence. And feels abandoned by a system that has failed,” the actress begins.

She continues: “I stand here for parents whose children have been murdered by an aggressive partner, women who are victims of domestic violence but are not believed, children who have been traumatized by the abuse of people who are supposed to protect you.”

She closes with the strong words: “I want to recognize the children who are currently fearing for their lives. For the women who have suffered under this system with little to no support, and still carry pain and trauma with them after abuse. For the young adults who have survived abuse and come out of it stronger, and for the women and children who have died but could have been saved.” After which Angelina shoots full.