Divorce 43-year-old Angelina Jolie ( Angelina Jolie) and 54-year-old Brad Pitt ( Brad the Pitt) lasts for two years. Angelina announced that departs from her husband, in September 2016. The actors made many harsh statements but later agreed not to disclose the details of the trial and “behave decently”.

However, this summer, a scandal erupted between the spouses. Jolie wanted to sue the right of full custody of the children. Recall, the pair has three adopted children: 13-year-old Zakhara, 14-year-old Paks and 17-year-old Maddox, as well as three biological – nine-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox and 12-year-old Shylo.

Angelina accused Brad is, he does not pay child support, but the actor said, that one and a half years, he paid her a few million dollars. Also, Jolie was going to present information about Pitt’s alcoholism, his attacks of rage and unstable behavior in the court. In response, he said, that the actress with mental health problems. On August 13, the court ordered Jolie to temporarily allow Pitt to see the children every other day. The final decision of the court was to be made on August 21, but the meeting did not take place. There are rumors, that the star was able to conclude a peace agreement.

Recently it became known, that Jolie and Pitt met, to resolve the issue of child custody. According to the insider, the actress herself invited her husband home. She wants to stop the trials and agree on everything personally, and also to think together about the comfort of the children.

 Angelina has decided, it was time to try to resolve the situation. For Brad, this was a great relief, he is completely open to this proposal. Brad strove for a peaceful resolution of the conflict throughout the process. It seems, now the pair has reached the point, where they can work together to create a more peaceful environment for children, “- said the source.