Apple is expected at the end of the year. The Cupertino company should present new generations of devices. And maybe some real news …

In the professional range of Apple machines, there were Mac Pro and MacBook Pro, and that’s about it. The Cupertino company has expanded the possibilities recently with the iMac Pro and today we may be entitled this year to a Mac mini Pro . This is in any case what Bloomberg thinks, such a machine would even be launched before the end of the year.

A Mac mini Pro announced before the end of the year?

The Mac mini has not been updated for nearly 4 years now, many are wondering if Apple has not purely and simply abandoned the machine. However, if Bloomberg’s report is true, it could be that the apple brand will bring it back to life. The specifications and features of this machine are unclear, but if the target machine professionals will require logically expect the more powerful hardware, which should obviously make up the bill compared to previous generations.

For those who do not know the Mac mini, and this is understandable due to the lack of attention of Apple for this machine, it is a small box housing a complete computer. One of the advantages of this Mac mini is its price, it costs 500 €, making it the most affordable Apple machine at the moment. Users have to plug their own screen and keyboard but it allows to take advantage of the Mac ecosystem for a very attractive price.

An additional solution for professionals in the Apple ecosystem

It will be interesting, if the machine exists, obviously, to see what kind of updates this Mac mini for professionals could receive, and at what rate. In addition to this Mac mini Pro, Apple could enjoy this end of the year to launch a MacBook 13-inch entry. To be continued !