According to them, the series Sabrina’s New Adventures has appropriated their statue …

In a TV series with witches, demonology is never far away. So goes the New Adventures of Sabrina , launched almost two weeks ago on Netflix, against which a satanist American organization, the Satanic Temple, wants to file a complaint.

The Satanic Temple is both a ” non-theistic religious group ” and political organization , located in Salem, Massachusetts, the city of the famous witch trial of 1692, where 25 people were executed. The organization is a temple where stands a large statue of nearly 3m of Baphomet , a form of representation of the devil from the 19th century. And that’s the rub.

For Lucien Greaves, the spokesman of the Temple, the comparison between their statue and the statue exhibited in the Academy of Invisible Arts of the TV series, is a matter of demonic plagiarism. Upstairs the temple, down the series:


Hmm. Can we put a copyright on an idol? The representation of Baphomet having been precisely described and drawn (photo above) in 1854 by the French priest and occultist Eliphas Levi (whose real name is Alphonse-Louis Constant, 1810-1875), is the Satanic Temple the only one to can I take advantage of this description? Or do not miss an opportunity to show up?