In the networks they blame Scott Disick’s girlfriend for appearing to have darker skin than she really is.

Scott Disick’s girlfriend, Amelia Hamlin, reacted to social networks about his photographs where he appeared with more tanned skin than normal.

Social media users raised questions about her intent behind her darkened complexion in a post on their social media.

Taking her Instagram stories, she cleared up the “blackfishing” allegations. The term refers to an action of non-black people attempting to appear black or more racially ambiguous by wearing hair or makeup.

She wrote: “I am receiving a lot of comments regarding my last photo. They tell me I’m ‘blackfishing’. Thank you all for educating me on this topic.

After thanking users who gave her a new term that she may not have known before, Amelia Hamlin revealed the reason for her dark complexion: “I recently went on vacation in the sun and with my Italian heritage I tan very easily.”

She added: “There is no self tanner involved. Or the intention to look darker than my own natural skin color. I had a lot of fun creating this look with no intention of malice or offense. “

On February 25, the model posted three photos of herself on Instagram and captioned the post: “I liked the lash…”. In the pictures, it did not look like the usual. Instead, her skin tone looked several shades darker than in her other recent photos.