Amber Heard gives the impression of a very self-confident girl, but it turned out that in her youth she had to go through a lack of understanding and alienation of the closest people. Religious parents actress for a long time could not accept her bisexuality.

“I was born in Austin, Texas. My father is a true Texan, a good man from the South, and I grew up in a religious family. Being an open lesbian, an atheist and a vegetarian, I told my parents about my relationship, that I was in love with a woman – and at the beginning there were only tears, ”recalls the actress“ They could not understand this because my recognition fell into their binary system perceptions – where everything is either good or bad, ”says the star Aquamen.

Amber Heard tried not to criticize the reaction of the parents and did not give the appearance that the situation in the family grieved her, but then she began to notice that the behavior of her father and mother had changed. Five years later, in 2010, the actress won the Dallas International Film Festival festival award, which is considered a “friend” to sex minorities. “And now I get this“ gay ”award, and my parents are sitting in the front row. So the principles may change, ”said Hurd optimistically.

Recall that before a quick and short marriage with Johnny Depp and relations with billionaire Ilon Mask Amber, she met with photographer Tase Van Ri for four years. It seems that romance with women Hollywood beauty work out more.