ohnny Depp (57) has threatened several times to kill his ex-wife Amber Heard (34). The actress claimed this on Monday during her testimony at the beginning of the third week of the much discussed lawsuit between Johnny Depp and ‘The Sun’.

Amber accuses Johnny of verbal as well as physical abuse. He is said to have yelled and swore at her, threatened her and besides, hit and kicked her. He also distributed headbutts and suffocated her. “Some of the incidents were so serious that I was afraid he would kill me. Intentionally or simply losing control and going too far. ”

Johnny did not blame himself for his actions, according to Amber. He often spoke in the third person and spoke of “the monster”. Johnny has a “unique ability to use his charisma and convey a certain impression of reality,” the actress also said. “He is very good at manipulating people.”

In the beginning of their relationship, Johnny was still “warm, warm and charming”. It felt like Amber was dating “a king”. That changed over the years, Amber continued. According to the actress, Johnny couldn’t have someone saying no to him. “I tried, but it didn’t go well. When he was in such a mood again, he spoke in a violent and dark manner. Then he said that death was the only way our relationship could end. ”

However, Amber thought she could make Johnny “better” and get rid of his addictions. “I think that’s the only reason I stayed, hoping that he would change, but also because of the responsibility I felt for him.”

Johnny and Amber were married between 2015 and 2017. The actor has sued the British tabloid for being called a woman abuser in a 2018 article. He denies that and believes that the newspaper cannot substantiate this and also demands substantial compensation.

Johnny claims that Amber was violent and showed that last week, among other things, by showing photos of their destroyed kitchen after an eruption of the actress. She is said to have thrown a vodka bottle at him, with Johnny losing the tip of a finger.