The star of “Aquaman” is proud to go forward to help others …

Amber Heard is doing well: she is moving forward in life and wants everyone to know. In an interview with The Associated Press, relayed by USA Today, she explained that she turned the page Johnny Depp, which she divorced in 2016 after accusing her of domestic violence, and that it was a good thing.

“I’m really happy to have moved forward in my life, and to keep moving forward. I want to do things that improve my life, and improve those of others. I want to do what is good and move forward, helping others as I can. That’s all for me. That’s all I’m interested in, “she explains.

Use your suffering for the common good

For her, what she would have lived with Johnny Depp helps her move forward, because it allows her to help others. “It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to use your experience, what I’ve experienced, endured, suffered, what I’ve survived, for others. It’s amazing to be able to use your life experience to change that of others, and help move the conversation forward, “she adds.