For the actress, in 2019, a woman can no longer be reduced to her hair color …

For Amber Heard , 2019 definitely belongs to women , and as such, there are a lot of stereotypes to fight, like those we attach to blondes. The star of Aquaman  was very clear on this in an interview with Glamor .

“It’s time for all the cliches about blondes to be put aside. It’s time to get rid of stereotypes about blondes – or any hair color, anyway, “she said.

An emancipated blonde

And when you ask her what she prefers in being blonde, the one who also promotes a new range of hair coloring takes the opportunity to clarify his thinking. “The hair color does not summarize who you are. Part of what I am is blonde.

Your hair color does not define you more than makeup, jewelry or a wardrobe. All of this can be seen as tools that help you play everyday. These tools can be incredibly empowering, “said Elon Musk’s ex.