Amber Heard (34) has asked the judge not to postpone the case that her ex Johnny Depp (57) has brought against her. The actor has sued the actress for defamation for publicly accusing him of assault, but asked for a reprieve last week due to filming. Amber does not agree, reports ‘The Sun’ based on legal documents.

The exes are expected in Virginia court in January. That is not convenient for Depp, because the recordings of Fantastic Beasts 3 would also take place. The actor therefore requested that the data be moved.

Heard thinks that is nonsense. The actress says she herself will record Aquaman 2 in February, which would also be in a knot if the case is postponed. Her lawyers also state in the request to the judge that Depp should adjust his shooting days. He’s had enough time to coordinate his schedules, they say.

Depp is demanding $ 50 million from his ex-wife in the case because she wrote an article for the Washington Post in 2018 about the violence she allegedly experienced during their marriage. The actor claims that she had loose hands. The two also recently faced each other in court for Depp’s case against The Sun. The actor sued the newspaper for libel over an old article calling him a woman abuser.