The comic action series The Boys gets a spin-off. The new Amazon Prime series must take place in the same universe, but with different characters. The Hollywood Reporter reports this on Friday.

The Boys is about a group of superheroes who abuse their power. To the eye of the media they seem to be doing fine deeds, but in reality many civilians are killed and dirty games are played. In the series, a small group of victims is looking for justice, which is accompanied by a lot of violence.

The untitled spinoff series that has been announced is about students with special powers. They attend a superhero school run by the shadowy Vought Corporation, the same company that is also behind the super team in The Boys . The students compete with each other for the best contracts in the best cities.

The second season of The Boys has recently started on Amazon Prime. A new episode appears every week. The end of this season is scheduled for October 9.