Alicia Keys’ husband has spared no expense to celebrate his wife’s 40th birthday. In a tropical destination, she celebrates her birthday in the presence of a large group of friends and family.
“My beautiful friends and family who are celebrating with me tonight: you are so special to me”

The singer reports extensively about her birthday party on Instagram. In a lockdown birthday, Alicia is apparently not hungry, so she decided to catch a plane with loved ones to celebrate the special day outside the borders of the United States. Everything has been thought of: from the location and the food to the music, and there is therefore extensive dancing.

She writes: ‘The most fantastic start to my big birthday! I swear I have the best man in the world. … My wonderful friends and family who are celebrating with me tonight: you are so special to me. ” She also says that everyone has been tested for the corona virus.

The big question is whether Alicia would do well to celebrate her birthday in this way and share it publicly. The controversial party evokes not only positive, but also negative reactions. While the world is still on fire over the coronavirus, not all of her followers like the idea that Alicia decides to celebrate her birthday abroad.

“Happy birthday, but parents are struggling to explain to their children that they might not be celebrating their birthdays with their friends because of the pandemic and you show everyone how you celebrate it?” someone writes. ‘Celebrating your birthday can wait, COVID doesn’t wait. Public figures like you should set a more restrained example ‘, is someone else’s opinion.