After a giant blackout in Europe, Amazon preferred to disappear, only reappearing once the problem was resolved.

With the internet, communicating has never been so fast. The same goes for tech firms that do not hesitate to play the card of listening – and often humor – to respond to user complaints. But a specific firm did not play the game today and it is Amazon. And for good reason: her vocal assistant Alexa has experienced a breakdown throughout Europe this morning. As a reminder, it is present on equipped connected speakers and its absence makes these objects completely obsolete. According to the first rumors, this would be a problem with servers located in Ireland. But here it is: Amazon has decided not to communicate about this problem all day, not communicating too late.

Amazon will not reappear until the problem is fixed

What better way to worsen a problem than to communicate only at its resolution after playing the card of the dead all along? Amazon does not seem to have understood this following the giant failure of Alexa on Europe – especially in England, Germany and Spain. The voice assistant was simply useless from what would appear to be a server failure in Ireland. Suffice to say that this problem made unusable all connected objects equipped with Alexa.

The policy of the Ostrich Amazon has had the gift of annoying users face the silence of the giant. Still, Amazon is not a small company and is specialized in several areas – Amazon Go which are automated shops, the Amazon Prime streaming video service, and so on. Such behavior on the part of the leader of the online sales is more than strange and to announce the problem on the networks, to answer the affected users would have largely reduced the discontent. It is only once the worry is over that Amazon will reappear to evoke this giant failure.