There is still enough room in the Baldwin home for baby number 5. Alec Baldwin said that in the program Hiking With Kevin, made by Baldwin’s Saturday Night Live colleague Kevin Nealon. The 60-year-old Alec and his 35-year-old wife Hilaria already have 4 children and are happy to expand their family even further.”We have 4 and she wants another”

“We have 4 and she wants another one. So we take another one,” Baldwin told Nealon, who seemed shocked by the news. “Is she already expecting?” He asked, to which Alec replied that this was not yet the case.

To the question ‘what would you like more from?’, The actor responded: “More money, so that I can leave it to my wife when I am no longer there. Let’s be honest, that is how long I have again not to live. And I want to leave her with a pile of money. “

Baldwin also has a 23-year-old daughter Ireland from his first marriage to Kim Basinger.