Alec Baldwin, 61, and his 35-year-old wife, Hilary, announced a month ago that they are again waiting for an addition to the family. Then the girl published a video in her microblog, in which the heartbeat of the baby is heard. And today, happy parents revealed the sex of their fifth child and did it very unusual.

Alec and Hilaria decided to arrange a surprise for their senior heirs, which, of course, was filmed on video. The children were called into a room where four toy dolls were lying in strollers, wrapped in swaddling clothes. The 6-year-old Carmen coped with the task of sweeping the doll first, pink clothes appeared under the cloth, which means that the girl will soon have a long-awaited sister. The three youngest sons of Baldwin could not cope with undressing toys on their own, their parents came to their aid, but their dolls, of course, were also dressed in pink.

The boys – 4-year-old Rafael, 3-year-old Leonardo and one-year-old Romeo – because of their age, did not particularly appreciate the news about the upcoming replenishment, but Carmen, not hiding her joy, jumped into her father’s arms.

It is noteworthy that after the birth of the baby, Alec Baldwin will have three sons and three daughters. Recall that in his first marriage with actress Kim Basinger, his oldest daughter Island was born, this month the girl will turn 24 years old.